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Aerial Drone Video and Photography Service Los Angeles

This is our Aerial Drone Video of Century City in Los Angeles, California, captured at 150 feet.

AERIAL DRONE LA just released an Aerial Video of  Century City in Los Angeles, California.

Century City is a 176-acre (712,000-m2) planned community in Los Angeles’s Westside. The neighborhood was developed on the former backlot of film studio 20th Century Fox and its first building was opened in 1963. Important to the economy are a shopping center, business towers, and Fox Studios.

Aerial Drone 4K Video Services in Los Angeles

This is our Aerial Drone 4K Video of a Golf Course in California captured at 120 feet.

AERIAL DRONE LA provides aerial photography and Aerial 4K Video for golf courses to market their services. The Drone can fly and show landscape, terrain and layout of the golf course below. All videos are recorded in HD (High Definition) or 4K (Ultra High Definition) mode providing the best video qulity.

Aerial Video Service in Los Angeles

This is our 4K Aerial Video captured by Drone at 300 feet.

The Sepulveda Dam Sports Center has a synthetic grass soccer field, lighted baseball/softball fields with bleachers, restrooms, and a walk or bike path. Sometimes referred to as the “Central Park of the Valley”, the Sepulveda Basin is a recreational area and wildlife habitat.

California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed legislation Wednesday

DJI Phantom Drone

SAN FRANCISCO — California Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed legislation Wednesday that would have restricted the flying of drones lower than 350 feet over private property without the owner’s permission.

While drone technology raises novel issues, Brown said in his veto message the bill “could expose the occasional hobbyist and the FAA-approved commercial user alike to burdensome litigation.”