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Aerial Video Cinematography Service Los Angeles

This is our Aerial Drone Video of Lake Balboa, California captured at 110 feet.

AERIAL DRONE LA just released an Aerial Video of Lake Balboa.

Lake Balboa is a district in the San Fernando Valley region of the city of Los Angeles, California. Lake Balboa is situated in the Sepulveda Dam Recreation Area is just one part of a huge park in the valley. You can walk on the many trails throughout the park, fish in the lake, have parties on the benches and tables of several picnic areas, there is a golf course. Terrific walking trails, gorgeous scenery with large lake and mountains in the background.

Aerial Video Service in Los Angeles

This is our Aerial Drone 4K Video of Soccer Football Game in California captured at 45 feet.

AERIAL DRONE LA creates a product that allows your company to stand out in a Sports World. Aerial video of the sport event can be used by your company for TV commercials, websites, trade-shows, YouTube and Vimeo, reality shows, big billboard size electronic screen. This way your organization will be get noticed and ahead of competition. We offer our services to all forms of sports providing superior qulity and customer service.

Aerial Drone 4K Video Services in Los Angeles

This is our Aerial Drone 4K Video of a Golf Course in California captured at 120 feet.

AERIAL DRONE LA provides aerial photography and Aerial 4K Video for golf courses to market their services. The Drone can fly and show landscape, terrain and layout of the golf course below. All videos are recorded in HD (High Definition) or 4K (Ultra High Definition) mode providing the best video qulity.

Aerial Video Service in Los Angeles

This is our 4K Aerial Video captured by Drone at 300 feet.

The Sepulveda Dam Sports Center has a synthetic grass soccer field, lighted baseball/softball fields with bleachers, restrooms, and a walk or bike path. Sometimes referred to as the “Central Park of the Valley”, the Sepulveda Basin is a recreational area and wildlife habitat.

Aerial Photography Service in Los Angeles

Aerial Drone Photography Of Residential Real Estate

This is our Aerial Drone Photography Image Of Residential Real Estate

Aerial Photography is the new standard for high-end Real Estate Marketing.

Drone images can be made where no other image can.
Real estate agents around the country are discovering how drones can change the way they approach their business.


4K Aerial Drone Video Service in Los Angeles